About Me, New Year

Chaos is my middle name.

Much of 2017 is a blur. There were lots of changes, lots of little victories, and a TON of growth. There was good stuff, bad stuff, & ugly stuff, but as years go, 2017 was not terrible. It was chaotic, and I felt chaotic, but amidst the chaos I learned a lot, both about myself… Continue reading Chaos is my middle name.

Rhyme & Reason

No Resolutions Here

I don’t make New Years resolutions.  I don’t like them. For me, making them is akin to setting myself up for failure, and I have done more than enough of that over the course of my life. Instead, for the past several years, I’ve opted for something different: a single word. Not some random, picked-out-of-a-hat… Continue reading No Resolutions Here

About Me

Wherein I Express My Gratitude & Share Some Wisdom

Over the past 12 or so years of my life, I've noticed a trend: when I follow my gut and take a chance by stepping forward  -- particularly when I'm unclear on my destination -- I meet someone (or more than one someone) who is willing to guide me in the right direction. By "right… Continue reading Wherein I Express My Gratitude & Share Some Wisdom